Important Information

  1. Participation in the Senior Stream National Exam – spots are reserved for the top two scorers in each participating school on the Internal Exam (to ensure representation from every participating school). The rest of the places will be allocated by scores on the Internal Exam as compared across all schools.
  2. Participation in the Junior Stream National Exam is determined by the schools
  3. The National Exams be held alongside an exciting and entertaining activity for the students, as a reward for having advanced to that level. The vision is to create an atmosphere that encourages and rewards as many participants as possible, while still maintaining an element of healthy competition.
  4. The National Chidon will be hosted by a different participating school each year and attended by parents, Rabbis, teachers, and other dignitaries who are also encouraged to take part in some form (along the lines of how this is done in Israel).
  5. The questions on the Internal Exam, both National Exams and both National Chidons will be provided by the organization in Israel and will all be in English.
  6. The list of chapters chosen for each book in the syllabus are taken from the current International Bible Contest syllabus.
  7. Participants in the International Bible Contest are given a wonderful Tanach Camp with red carpet treatment; visiting places of the Tanach, meeting the top political and rabbinic personalities of the State of Israel. Kashrut, Shabbat etc… are meticulously observed, yet it is a co-ed programme.
  8. Students who don’t feel able to, or don’t want to, participate in the International Bible Contest in Israel would still benefit greatly from participation in the Chidon Hatanach UK program at any stage.
  9. There is an option for students to participate directly if the program is not offered at their school

The UK National Bible Quiz for Jewish Youth